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A credit card belongs in every wallet these days. It enables fast and convenient cashless payments at home and abroad. Especially on vacation or when shopping online, the credit card is the payment method of choice, it is welcomed almost everywhere and accepted without any problems.


There are different types of credit cards

credit cards

the best known is the classic version with an individual credit line and monthly debiting of sales from the user’s current account. It is only given to customers of full age with perfect credit record information and includes a real loan.

With the prepaid creditcard, consumers have another interesting option. This credit card works on a similar principle as the well-known prepaid cell phones. The users must first post credit to the card account before they can use the prepaid credit card. The current credit also marks the card limit, users cannot spend more than they have previously deposited. This is an important advantage over the classic credit card, which easily tempts you to spend thoughtless money. With the prepaid card, the user has full cost control at all times, but does not have to do without the convenience of cashless payment. He can pay for goods and services worldwide with his prepaid credit card, withdraw cash at an ATM or go shopping on the Internet.This credit card is also available to the unemployed, low-income earners or people with negative credit record .


Compared to the classic credit card …

credit card ...

Users of a prepaid card have to expect somewhat higher costs. Depending on the provider, transaction or annual basic fees are payable in different amounts; loading the card is usually free of charge. The market for prepaid credit cards is large and difficult to understand for the layperson.

Free comparison portals such as CreditSpark Financing offer a compact and reputable overview of cheap prepaid credit card offers. Here consumers can get an objective picture of the current offers and compare the conditions in a targeted manner. If the decision for a provider has been made, the card can be applied for immediately online and will be sent home by post within a few days.

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February 13, 2020